Invest in the Kingdom

The fields are ready for Harvest!

THE BEST WAY TO GIVE TO END 2018 IN GOD GLORIFYING GENEROSITY!!! If you're looking to give a 2018 END OF THE YEAR CONTRIBUTION, and desire to invest in Kingdom Ministry, sow a tax write-off resource that glorifies God and touches nations, Field of Grace Ministries is suitable soil and Kingdom Ministry worth partnering and investing in. All financial donations given to Field of Grace Ministries on behalf of Michael Satterfield are tax-deductible, and used to further the gospel. If you would like your year-end gifts to such a ministry ( counted for 2018 tax purposes, your contribution must be received no later than Dec. 31. If mailed to the ministry office, all gifts/donations must be postmarked by Dec. 31. Thank you for your continued faithfulness to resource, pray for, and financially give to this ministry. Your partnership matters both now and for ETERNITY. CONTRIBUTION MAILING ADDRESS: Field of Grace Ministries 3901 Jasmine Fox Lane Arlington, Texas 76005


In the realm of ministry, Mike communicates in a motivational and God-led way. He has reached a broad audience across culture as a gifted evangelist and Christian speaker. Mike Satterfield is committed to developing passionate followers of Christ who impact the world for the glory of God. Mike’s approach is down-to-earth, relevant, relational, and engaging.  Mike speaks to see lives transformed for the better, and in order that God’s word may be eternally planted and watered into the hearts of the hearer.



  • Revivals
  • Church services
  • Camps
  • Crusades
  • Discipleship encounters

  • Youth events of all kinds
  • Retreats
  • Evangelism Conferences
  • College Campus Chapels
  • Conclaves
  • Other environments where the word of God is needed

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